This revamp service includes the following:

- Wash

- Deep Conditioning

- Style

- Tightening Loose Wefts

- Elastic Band Replacement

- Closure Replcaement (optional) If you choose this option please be sure to add the closure length and texture you need in the required text box in order to receive an invoice for closure payment.  If you are providing your own closure you may disregard that text box. If closure is not added, the closure cannot be replaced.

  • Please note that pricing varies based on options you choose for this service. 

    Once service order is placed you be notified via email with information on where to ship your wig. Please reply to us with your tracking number once you ship the wig.

    Turnaround time 1-2 weeks after service order is placed and your wig has been recieved by us.

     You will recieve an email once your wig is recieved by us and shipped back to you.

  • By choosing this service order, you are agreeing to our terms and policy.